The Dent-X FN-N95-510 Small is a KN94 Style mask made in Canada in partnership with the First Nations. The FN-N95-510 Small uses advanced filtration material that results in exceptional breathability and comfort. It meets or exceeds NIOSH standards. The small size was designed to fit most children and smaller adults.

FN95-510 Small

FN-N95-510 KN94 Style Small Size Mask
Material and Performance Specification
Material Non-woven Fabric
Contains Latax No
Particle Filter Efficiency ≥98.1%
Inhalation Resistance ≤11.8
Exhalation Resistance ≤10.3

Description & Classification
Model FN-N95-510 Small
Product Name Respirator
Style Flat Fold
Strap Type Ear Loop
Size Fits most adults & children
Sample FN-N95-510 small size on mannequin front viewFN-N95-510 small size on mannequin front side
Measurements W:7” X H:2.75”
Colour White/Black
Manufactured In Canada
Use Range
Long term Care Facilities
Personal Protection

Performance Requirements
Test Health Canada Requirements NIOSH Requirements FN-N95-510 Small
Particulate Filter Efficiency ≥95% ≥95% Pass
Inhalation Airflow Resistance < 35 mmH2O (343.2 Pa) < 35 mmH2O (343.2 Pa) Pass
Exhalation Airflow Resistance < 25 mmH2O (245.2 Pa) < 25 mmH2O (245.2 Pa) Pass
Mechanical Strength of Head Strap 10N (0.98kg) Per strap 2.2kg Per Strap Pass
Box of 10 FN-N95-510-Small Masks

Packaging Specification
Respirator Weight 0.11 oz
Respirators in Box 10
Weight of Box with Respirators 0.14 lbs
Box Dimensions L: 1.5” x W: 3.81” x H:9”
Respirators per Case 380
Boxes per Case 38
Weight of Case 6.5 lbs
Case Dimensions L: 20” x W: 15.5” x H: 8.75”
Masks per Pallet 15960
Cases per Pallet 42
Pallet Dimensions L: 41” x W: 48” x H: 66”

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