Acteon XMIND trium

3D technology that facilitates implant planning with instant bone density assessment.

X-MIND Trium is expertise in medical imaging Inspired by advancements in volumetric tomography in medical imaging, ACTEON designed extremely precise image processing algorithms to improve diagnostic accuracy for its first CBCT, WHITEFOX. Based on the Hounsfield unit scale, the only reference for X-ray scanners, bone density can be predictably and reproducibly measured, to make easier decisions while planning accurate and reliable treatment.

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Digital Dental Imaging System

The EVA SELECT provides exceptional image quality at a great value. It features free lifetime support, upgradable software and RINN positioning aids. Experience clear radiographs and unmatched support by ordering your EVA SELECT digital imaging equipment.

EVA SELECT Features Building upon the widely popular EVA system, the EVA SELECT offers wider latitude, sharper clarity and enhanced contrast. It also features a waterproof capsule and a Kevlar cable.

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Acteon X MIND Unity
X Ray Technology

Reliable X-ray technology that reduces radiation exposure.

Combined with the X-Mind unity intraoral X-ray generator, SOPIX inside with ACE technology limits the emission of X-rays during the acquisition to the necessary amount for the patient's morphology. It uses the minimum dose required to provide a high-quality image.

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USB IntraOral
Camera System

Take dental diagnostics to the next level with this Sony CCD easy to use, state of the art camera.

The convenience of an intraoral camera that integrates perfectly with your dental radiography system. Seamlessly compatible with your Dent-X EVASoft Digital Dental Imaging System.

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